Our Story

We are a new aparthotel which opened in 2011, Stellar Residence combines unrivalled location, facilities and a friendly personal service to help you with all your accommodation requirements in Budapest – whether you need an apartment for a business stay or a base for a leisure trip.

Corvin Promenade, our main building is a high-end redevelopment of a classical early 20th century district that now offers the highest modern living standards mixed with original classical style. It's courts open into one another creating a unique and exciting atmosphere that attracts  500.000 local and tourist visitors a year as  well. The building is protected and it is part of Budapest's cultural heritage.

Stellar Aparthotel in Budapest is proud to be operating in such a cultural heritage environment and we are certainly looking forward to your next stay

Should you wish to put yourself in contact with us do not hesitate to give us a call on the above number or get in touch via e-mail.


Terbe Dorottya

Front Desk Manager